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How to move my files from Basic Plan to Pro?

Use to move your files from your Basic Cloud account to Allsync Pro. You can transfer up to 50 GB for free. Need to transfer more? contact us.

Step by step:

1. Create an account at

2. Go to your account:

3.  Open "Add Cloud Drives"

4. Select "WebDAV" and then Next

5. Config the WebDAV

Server (WebDAV Address):

Repeat STEP 3 & 4 And setup your new Pro account.

Your WebDAV url for the Pro plan looks as follow:


6. Open "Cloud Transfer"

7.   Select the directory you want to transfer from Allsync Basic and to Allsync Pro.

8. Click "Transfer Now" to continue.

9.  Open the status page.

10. Remove your cloud accounts from after you finish. Go to "Cloud Explorer" and Right Click at the Cloud service name.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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