Copy my data from other platforms to Allsync

Use to move your files to your Allsync account from any other cloud platform. You can transfer up to 50 GB for free.

Step by step:

1. Create an account at

2. Go to your account:

3. Open "Add Cloud Drives"

4. Select "WebDAV" and then Next

5. Config WebDAV

Display Name: Allsync

Server:  https://****

Username: Your username or email address

Password: Your password.  Different from

REPEAT STEP 3-4 And config your old cloud provider.

6. Open "Cloud Transfer"

7.  Select the directory you want to transfer from and to (Allsync).

8.  For Example: Backup your files from Dropbox to Allsync. Click "Transfer Now" to continue.

9.  Open the status page.

10. Remove your cloud accounts from after you finish. Go to "Cloud Explorer" and Right Click into the cloud service you want to remove.

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