Adding new users

STEP 1: Go to your cloud storage (*

STEP 2: Visit the menu and open Users.

STEP 2:  Enter the new user information

1. The username, the name that will be used to login

2. Display name, this name will show when share your files

3. New user password

4. New user email address

5. The group admin has full access to your cloud account including all users

6. Assign the amount storage the new user will have. It's possible to enter the amount storage manually, for example: 500 MB or 25 GB or 1 TB. You  can't set more than the total storage you have. For example: You have purchased 50 GB and you want to create 5 users. You can't add more than 10 GB for every account.

7. Create the new user account

8. Cancel

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